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Living on caffeine, Living on booze
The Replacements

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Summer Dress- July Talk

I love how changes the words hahaha

Listen/purchase: S/T LP by KURRAKÄ

really digging them right now

found this on facebook and i love it SO FUCKING MUCH

time to update y’all on the band situation. Remember I said we had a practice space…well that only lasted a month. We are now back at my place again which is cool because I have my drums with me 24/7. But basically the dude that we were sharing it with us was financially unstable so we were like screw it, not playing this game. 

Also, we have been looking for a bass player, we found this dude. Met up with him last weekend, and he seems to be cool. Didnt mind our craziness. We are gonna practice on Saturday, he hasnt heard our stuff yet, so we will see what happens. I’m really excited and I hope he works out because we are big fans of his.

We met him at the bar, had way too many drinks. Randomly ended up going to a show to see, Poor Dumb Bastards, a local punk band. (they played my fav song, My Pussy Hurts hahahah) He seemed to enjoy them, and stuck around the whole night. I’m really impressed haha


hopefully it works out this time around!

just stumbled upon this band, Bangs. HOLY SHIT. totally digging them right now. 

The Replacements - Alex Chilton 

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (09.09.14)

i have decided that I am going to ACL. I decided last night, while I was watching this. I hate festivals, and I hate people at festivals, but I HAVE TO. 


*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

The Replacements - Can’t Hardly Wait

The CRY! Shama/Shout (Animal House of Blues)

i love them so much

THE CRY! - “I Think I’m in Love/Down in the City”

if i ever get arrested, i want this to be my mug shot hahahaha

my face


"And I don’t have a job!
And I don’t have a phone!
Don’t have a life!
And I’m always stoned!”